Your full-access PASS for printing on-demand, managing digital assets, and tracking/controlling inventory!

Implementing PASScode can save your business up to 25% on print materials and related services and even more on time through efficiencies.





What is PASScode?

14 years ago we introduced our Print Automation Service System, PASScode. PASScode is a secure and scalable custom digital interface that businesses and their associates can use to remotely print on demand, manage inventory, arrange distribution/warehousing of print & non-print assets all at the click of a button. This automated process creates many efficiencies, which result in our clients saving time and money.


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Our development team customizes each PASScode system to visually match your brand and tailor its features to suit your business needs!


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Benefits & Features



Print On-Demand

Print your brand & marketing assets anytime, anywhere, all at the click of a button. Ranging from static to complex variable items with extensive customization.


Inventory & Reporting

Store all items you would like your company to have access to, set quantities, review reports on sales and  insights on seasonal vs  campaign based inventory flux. 


Brand Control

One centralized access point for approved content, apparel/wide format materials, with pre-determined stocks and finishes to ensure your brand is produced to standards.



We have our own full service, in-house mailing department and we are a Canada Post expert partner. We offer direct mail and courier shipping.


User Management

Have full control of your users by implementing approval processes, levels of access based on company structure and spending budget allocation.



Our facility allows you to store small/large print and non-print related inventory! Create pick and pack orders to fulfill kits or one-off specialty shipments.


Custom Branded

We visually customize each system to match your company’s current branding or we can design a completely new look and feel.


Platform Security

We implement a variety of services, best practices and safety protocols to protect your information in case of an emergency.


Tech Support

We provide your company with a dedicated technical support staff to assist with questions and troubleshooting. We reply to requests in less than 24 hours.


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What customers say

“Through PASScode’s user permissions we were able to empower our satellite location employees and re-gain control of our brand consistency.”



Anika Davita, Marketing Manager

“PASScode’s automated ordering environment allowed us to order and re-order products without human intervention, which is extremely important to us in this current COVID climate.”



Artur Major, Sales Director

“The Cober team are very responsive and always willing to come up with solutions that fit our needs. We value our partnership.”



Devin Stanton, Sales Rep

“The team at Cober was great to deal with. They were less interested in providing a canned, off the shelf tool and more interested in listening to our business needs, designing the tool around us.”



Amaya Graham, Marketing Coordinator