Cober Solutions expands digital business with investment in two new HP Indigo 100K presses  


Cober Solutions, the leading provider of HP Indigo digital printing in Canada, today announced its investment in the HP Indigo 100K Digital Press and HP Site Flow solutions to grow business in highly automated print production for on-demand consumer applications in the Canadian market.

“Data is more important now than ever, as we are seeing a shift in business since the pandemic toward more on-line applications. High-volume, short-run work is all about efficient production, and that is why we chose the HP Indigo 100K which is highly automated and robust,” said Todd Cober, president, Cober Solutions. “Our growth is generated by on-demand manufacturing, which means smaller runs, and more digital work.”

The multi-million-dollar agreement signed recently for two new HP Indigo 100K Digital Presses with HP for the technology upgrade will position Cober to continue to expand its digital printing operations.  

“Canadians have been unserved in the on-demand market and this investment is aimed to work on their behalf,” said Cober, the fourth generation in the 100-year-old family-run business.

Engineered for nonstop printing, the new B2 HP Indigo 100K is the first press in HP Indigo's 5th-generation platform, featuring innovation to deliver much larger digital print volumes thanks to high speed and productivity, while ensuring Indigo’s renowned digital offset look and feel.


To efficiently fulfill digital printing orders from external on-line brand partners, Cober maintains a dedicated team of solution architects and programmers that manages the streaming of jobs through its API and workflow automation. Thanks to this highly developed integration undertaking, Cober can act as an extension of our business partners, offering them real time visibility down to the order level,” said Cober.
Cober is now also beginning to adopt HP Site Flow to streamline its operations. Site Flow enables print service providers to automate production of thousands of orders per day through automatic order submission, pre-flight, imposition, barcoding, printing, and shipping to customers.

Cober’s five-press Indigo fleet, including 29 inch and 19-inch Indigo presses, uniquely positions it to fulfill on-demand printing products for the Canadian market, including a large amount of photo specialty products from global companies and premium b2b business on-demand applications.

Making its first investment in an Indigo press more than 20 years ago, Cober’s digital business is up 600 to 700 percent over the past decade, and continues to grow, according to Cober. Today, business revenue is generated overall 50 percent from digital printing, and Cober now runs all 29-inch work on the HP Indigo digital presses, which replaced its offset production in that format.

In addition to its new investment in PrintOS Site Flow, Cober is already a heavy user of Print Beat, which allows Cober management to know at any time how the print shop is operating on the floor and enables the team to be more productive and solve issues.




Post by Cober Team
September 14, 2021